Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide Molecule

A very Potent Compound

Did you know that MMS has been used in the treatment of municipal water for more than 70 years...

Did you Know that for Close to 60 Year now the Chlorine Dioxide Molecule has Been used Within Our Municipal Water Supplies?

The chlorine dioxide molecule has been used to treat our municipal water supplies in much of Europe & the USA for the last 60 years. The reason for this is because it is enormously effective at killing pathogenic stressors, & has been used more & more all around the world instead of the chlorine compound that has been ordinarily used. Chlorine is systematically being phased out all around the world in preference for the chlorine dioxide molecule.

The primary reason that chlorine is being phased out of our municipal water supplies is due to the ever growing health issues associated with this chemical compound. It is well known that chlorine breaks down into dangerous carcinogens - with the most dangerous one being trihalomethanes (THMs). As a side note, other elements such as fluorine, bromine, iodine are also being discovered to have dangerous health consequences as well. On the other hand, the chlorine dioxide molecule breaks down into inert substances within 2 - 3 hours, more importantly - it DOES NOT break down into the dangerous trihalomethanes (THMs).

In the States, there exists a piece of legislation named the " Safe Water Drinking Act" in which has been positively ammended over the last 20 years many times for the US citizens. This piece of legislation now requires that the chlorine dioxide molecule be used preferentially over the traditionally used liquid chlorine - & within a finite period of time will be required to be completely phased out. For us, this can only be a positive development, as it directly affects our health in two primary ways. The first being that there is no breakdown into harmful THM's, & secondly - chlorine dioxide is MUCH more effective at killing pathogens than chlorine is!

Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) is lethal against virtually all water bourne contaminants, and actively eliminates:

  • Carcinogenic Substances - Potential carcinogens such as iron, odors and certain aromatics, cyanides in waste water, manganese, 3, 4-benzopyrene, as well as a host of dyes found in water as a result of plant matter, chlorophyll, and also pesticides.
  • Organic Contaminants - Chlorine dioxide completely sterilizes and hence forth eliminates contaminants such as viruses, botulism, chloera, cryptosporidium, e. coli and Guardia.

Advantages over Chemical Treatment

  • Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) cannot break down into Trihalomethanes (THMs) as chlorine will, and will not lead to the creation of bromochloromethane and chloroform as chlorine will.
  • Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) finds it impossible to chemically react with ammonia, any type of compounds that are nitrogenous in nature, or to form precursors to form dangerous chloroform derivatives as chlorine will.